Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Four Simple Ways to Save Big This Year!

Most of us work hard day in and day out to earn an income and support out families. But we don't realize that some of our every day habits are bleeding that same money from our pockets. So, what are some simple things we can do to save money? We all know about coupons and sales, but who really wants to worry about all that? Who has the time?? Here are four basic easy things you can do to help yourself save money without having to break up your routine...

Clean Up Your Closet!
  When your closet is a mess it's easy to forget  about those little things you have, or items you have owned for a long while. The average American woman waists over $300 a year buying things they already own, but don't know they own, or they can't find. Remember that cute black belt you bought last July?? If you can't find it, you can't wear it.

   Spend an afternoon organizing your closet like stores do: Group your stuff by category and color - jeans (blue, gray, black), skirts (short, long, dressy), etc. You'll see what you have and ger re-excited about stuff you forgot about. Plus spend less on replacements for stuff you lost!

Get Free Rewards
    With so many stores offering freebies and discounts for customers who sign up for free "membership" cards, you are basically throwing money away by not cashing in on all the bonuses...

    Ask EVERY store you shop in if they have a membership card, and carry them with you EVERYWHERE!

Forget About ATMs!
    When you go to an ATM that is not your bank's you get slapped with a fee of around $2. PLUS your bank may add an additional charge of up to $2. If you are doing this just twice a week that could easily add up to over $400 a year in fees!!!

     Take money out of YOUR BANKS just once a week. Also download Quicken Online Mobile with a free ATM-finder app to your iPhone; it uses GPS to figure out where your closest ATM is!

Clean Up Your Messy Wallet!
    If your wallet is jammed with receipts, cash, and coupons, you lose out three ways! You miss out on refunds (because your receipts get mixed up and lost), you end up shor on cash or taking out more money than you really need (who can track cash when it's all wadded up??) and you mis out on the discounts because your coupons expire or are lost.

    Find a wallet with at least three sections - one for cash, one for receipts and one for coupons and cards. Each week throw away out receipts that have passed the window for exchanges and refunds, coupons that have expired and organize cash by denomination.

Using these tips you could simply and easily save yourself $1000 this year - and a well deserved break!

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