Saturday, December 18, 2010

Every day we each wake up and make a choice as to who and what we are going to be. We choose what to wear, what to eat and who we will and will not associate with. We even make the choice as to what kind of person we are going to be. Today, you made the choice to find my blog and read it, and had I not made the choice to create it, you would have nothing to read!

The point is that every thing we do is a choice. And even when life seems to be at it's worst we have choices in the way we handle things and how we deal. If you can't look at your life today and say I am 100% happy where I am, then it's time you make a change. It's easy to say, but usually seems like an impossibility for most people...

Is this what you are thinking?  "How can I change my life? I have kids, a husband, a wife, a lousy job, no car, an apartment that's too small and no money... Where would I even start? It's not worth it!"

Well, I can answer all that in just a few short words... STOP THINKING - START DOING!

You see, the difference between thinking and doing is that when you are doing, something actually changes. You can THINK about change all you want! But if you refuse to act, nothing can change. Now, you may be thinking it's easy for HER to say I can do it, but SHE doesn't have my life, my family or my situation... Well, you are right. I don't have YOUR life. But I have my own stubborn unsupportive family, a home that's too small, no car and two small children to worry about. The difference is that I am willing to ignore the family and lean on MY strengths, ignore the house knowing it's only temporary, walk to the store and enjoy the trip and build my new life FOR my small kids so they don't have to be where I was!

Today, I am a successful home based business owner with an incredible company and team! I don't yet own my dream home, but I'm getting there! My husband has been able to come home full time and my beautiful children are happy and healthy by my side. I have gone from being miserably unhappy and depressed to knowing and understanding that I can and do rule my own world and my life. My choice to be happy, healthy and successful was all it took to change everything for me... 

So, how did I do it? Where did I start? Well, it was much easier than you may think. I just stopped listening to everyone else... I got up in the morning and refused to listen to the negativity... A news story about a fire would come on and I would turn it off... My mother would start to tell me how building my business isn't going to support us, and I hung up the phone. I stopped letting ANYONE bring me down. And I started looking for reasons to believe in ME!

This blog is being created to give YOU the option to change your life the way I did. To find all the best options for YOU and YOUR life. Regardless of where you are starting out today you have choices to make that can change your life. Where will you start? For most people the thing that needs to change the most is their money situation. The old saying is that Money can't buy happiness. But I never understood that... I mean, sure you can be rich and miserable - BUT having the money to meet the bills each month, fix the car and have a hat and coat in the winter makes it a WHOLE lot easier to be happy! So, this blog will focus mostly on that aspect, but not totally.

Here we will explore the different options concerning working, shopping and a number of other areas that can help to change the way you live and thus - Change Your Life!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Welcome to it! Make the choice to enjoy it!

Sabrina M Bowen

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