Monday, January 2, 2012

Your Address Book

At just about every dollar store in the country you'll find Address books for about a buck, sometimes less. These are one of those items that everyone walks by thousands of time every year and never puts in the buggy. Well, the next time you head to the store, make a point to find one you like.

Why? Because an Address Book is a HUGE asset to your business, one that is usually over looked and forgotten about. How is something that costs about a dollar such a big deal? Well, if for no other reason, because it will help you keep all your customers, potential customers, up line, down line and who ever else all organized.

Now, if you're super anal about things like yours truly, you'll get separate books for all these areas, but there really isn't any need for that.

Keeping your customers and everyone else in order is an asset for many reasons, but mostly because if you can contact them quickly and when ever you choose, it means you never forget them when it's time for sales, new catalogs, specials or other times when it's important to remember them - which means you never miss a sale!

Simply make a point to write down the Name, Address, Phone & Email information for everyone you come in contact with in your business. And DO NOT forget to make down where they stand - Customers, Up-Line, Down-Line, Advertiser, Other Contact... That way you aren't sending your New Spring Catalog to someone who sells the same thing you do.

You also want to make sure that you make a note of everyone's Birthday's, Kids Birthday's, Wedding Anniversary and whatever else you can fit in there. This way you can send cards (from your business) for the appropriate events. And don't ever forget to send good customers extra savings whenever you have an opportunity too! A "Happy Birthday here's $5 in savings" card will almost always get you a sale, just because "you remembered." 

It's a very simple thing to do. Yet it's something that people tend to forget to do, and they loose business because of it! Think of how many times you have lost a potential sale because you lost their number... Or how many times you wanted to do something or call someone and couldn't figure out where you put their number. Do you think your customers don't do the same thing? SO, never loose another sale! Make a point to jot down contact information, and send cards, letters and catelogs to those who need them - when they need them.

One last tip - If you haven't heard from a "good customer" for a few weeks/months, it's always a great idea to call and see how they are. Even if they don't order, the fact that you called to check will open the door for future orders, or will let you know if they aren't interested any more.


cocolili said...
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cocolili said...
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